Material ConneXion Italia at Vitra Design Museum

Material ConneXion Italia at the new Schaudepot of the Vitra Design Museum

Material ConneXion Italia, after having successfully participated in the Salone Satellite in Milan with the exhibition on innovative materials entitled “New Materials New Design” along with other European research centres, was invited to present its exhibit inside the new building of the Vitra Design Museum: the Vitra Schaudepot.

The new building, designed by the Swiss architects, Herzog & de Meuron, was inaugurated on June 3rd and functions as a museum and depot at the same time.


Since 1800 up to today the Schaudepot has a permanent exhibition of approximately 430 pieces of the immense collection of design objects of modern furniture, it holds temporary exhibitions, meetings and guided tours and, on the lower level, there’s the deposit with other pieces of the collection with Italian design objects, lamps collection and pieces donated by Charles and Ray Eames.



But the Schaudepot is much more.  Inside the new building a centre for the study of processes and materials was created, used for the development of design known as the Schaudepot Lab.


Here objects and prototypes in various stages of production are on display, including drawings, tools, videos, books and the materials library set up with thematic drawers that tell us of “sustainability”, “3D-printing”, “new trends in materials”, or focus on a specific family of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc..


Part of the materials exhibit, created for the occasion by Material ConneXion Italia with samples taken from a few companies belonging to its network, is now on permanent display in the new exhibition area. Among the materials on exhibit there’s the Fenix NTM® by Arpa Industriale, Graphene Plus by Directa Plus, XL EXTRALIGHT® by Finproject, Ligneah® by MyMantra and I-Mesh by Sailmaker.

Schaudepot Lab, with tables and chairs like a library, is open to the public and visitors are invited to spend time studying and exploring the world of materials in depth.