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Materials Matter

MM_2014The Material Matters volumes collect more than 80 innovative materials and production processes, selected year after year among those that become a part of Material Connexion library, along with articles and interviews of design and materials key players.

Each and every material is introduced through images on entire pages and detailed descriptions that include all contact information of manufacturing companies.

The set contains:

– N. 1 Materials Matter Volume VII
– N. 1 Materials Matter Volume VI
– N. 1 Materials Matter Volume V
– N. 1 Materials Matter Volume IV

Languages: english, italian
Size: 15×21 cm
Binding: Paperback

  • 59 CHF

Set Material Box 3

offerta_box3The material box 3 set is composed of:

– n.5 Material Box 3 (Interior, Exterior, Sustainability, Fashion-Accessories and Special Edition for Expo2015*) containing 10×10 samples wrapped in single transparent cubic packs.

*contains sustainable materials of Italian manufacturers inserted in the SiExpo2015 catalogue

  • 144 CHF

Material Box 3 + Material Box 1

material_box5The bundle includes:

– n.5 Material Box 3 (Interior, Exterior, Sustainability, Fashion-Accessories e Special Edition for Expo2015), containing 10×10 samples wrapped inside individual transparent cubic packs.

– n.1 Material Box 1, containing 17 samples of innovative materials selected by the Research Office of Material ConneXion Italia among the most interesting products of the Library + USB with technical information.

  • 172 CHF


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