Report Material (R)evolution

Directly from Material ConneXion New York, a report of about 50 pages in English, contains not only the most important news in terms of materials in specific sectors, but also an overview of the particular sector, interviews, case studies and a directory of possible resources.


Additive Manufacturing

Grown Materials



It is a unique tool, able to help companies and designers to project and realize better products through insights into material application and technologies


Additive_ManufacturingMaterial (R)evolution: Additive Manufacturing

The report, available in English, provides an overwiew on additive manufacturing, a fast growing sector that has always been monitored by Material ConneXion team.

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Grown_MaterialsMaterial (R)evolution: Grown Materials

Will the 21st century become the era of biomatter, just like the 20th century was the century of synthetic materials? Most certainly. The rapid development in the study and control of the transformation processes of materials starting with biological components paves the way not only to innovative technology, but also to solid solutions for the most varied applications, from the construction industry to consumer products, from fashion accessories to electronics.

The report on Grown Materials (cultivation materials) covers various topics, from bacterial plastics, to bio-based electronics and new biopolymers, up to simple but very interesting solutions from the world of natural materials.

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ConnectedMaterial (R)evolution: Connected 

Every day, the world is getting more and more interconnected.

We are surrounded with communicative accessories: smartphones, tablets, but also watches, appliances, gadgets, means of transportation, our homes, our workplaces, even our clothing.

Connected report shows how materials can leverage this crucial integration between electronics and objects and provide the required connectivity without any compromise on necessary material performance.

With an overview on integrated electronic solution, smart materials and performance textiles.

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DesignReportPreview-1Material (R)evolution: Design

How is material innovation influencing design? Which incubators and spin-off areas of research from universities and institutes will create new design opportunities? How does the knowledge of new materials and processes change the way we approach design problems?

The “Design” report answers these questions, providing a broad overview on research teams, companies, materials, technologies, and processes that are not only affecting design trends of today, but also those of the future.

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Report What Happens

Annual reports are complete with text and images that summarize the most important news in the use of materials for designing and planning. Includes information from different fields (art, furniture, accessories, jewelry, Fashion, automotive, consumer electronics, etc.).

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